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so i guess i havent updated in a while eh?
well lesse whats new,
;;got jessica a job at my work ^_^
;;now work as a waitress (made 40.oo dollars in tips on monday :D
;;Blake came down to visit me from Bolton 
;;The Assholes...[rip] are acting oddly.
;;am going to Waterloo soon (L) Delirium(L)
;;have spent wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy too much on manga books lately.
;;new friend Greg (the most amazing bitch at guitar and yes, better than Asher) is helping me w/buying issues
;;have bought The Sex Pistols;Nevermind The Bollocks , The Clash CD and Coldplay;A Rush of Blood To the Head
;;Pre-ordered WTD @HMV
;;Found many new j-Rock bands and assorted other genres to fall in love with ♥_♥
;;am currently making a list of shit i wanna do before i die
;;am currently pissed i missed seeing Russ and his pink mohawk >_<''
;;Start online courses for History tommorow. -_-*
;;am going to go watch Fillmore on the Family Channel ^_^

bi kids, keep in touch.

The Bollocks

lmfao. my dad.....just left for CHURCH.....IN A MOTHERFUCKING SUIT!? lmfaoooooooooooooooo. >_<
LRIGHT, WELL THAT WAS FUNNY ENOUGH BUT..... mom doesnt like me and kyle this month, so she said nothing special for easter, and my dad got his card (yes his credit card) taken away from her, so i woke up to a coffee filter filled with froot loops.....LMFAOO. i wish i had a camerea to take a picture of this.o man. he's like then easter bunny was here........the imposter. o.0

oh at work, i got my paycheck, and i was really happy cause they fixed it, and my boss bruce was like
Bruce;;Is it any good?
Me;;Hell's YE-UH!? they fixed it finally.
Bruce;;(in high pitched squeaky voice) Good, now dont spend it all on disco music and roller-skates.

He's done a lot of drugs in his life, and sometimes he doesnt know where the hell these things come from. It's fucking hillarious. lmfao. alright well, im off later kids.

"Charlie Brown"

Friends Only Biatches
^_^ Miwako (L)